Change is good. I am refocusing from posting critical views to commenting on our collective views to contribute and build a better society and Flint MI. .

I believe that now is the time to support the efforts of those that are achieving change in Flint.

Most of what I have talked about, written and posted about  concerning Flint my community  has been to challenge power and more importantly to cause an exchange of Ideas.

What is needed now is for this community to get to work.

Individually and as a community.

I want the downtown to thrive. I also want the neighborhoods to provide a quality of life.

I suggest to you that we  begin to share our ideas. How we can individually help ourselves and the community .

I will continue to share my thoughts about Flint. But now more focused on program than criticism. With text and podcast audio , video or both you are invited to post your thoughts here.

Until the bugs are worked out I also created a parallel Face Book Group You are welcomed to join . Your post will also find their way to this site for greater exposure.

I will continue to post articles on family law and bankruptcy to better equip you to defend your rights in these areas. Additionally I will provide on occasion the legal foundation for current issues.

Thank You and you are invited to participate .-

DSCN5432Terry Bankert 10/15/13

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