It is a new Day!


We are in a new era. @realdonaldtrump speaks populist issues on occasion.

 As @POTUS He has surrounded himself in the White House with many Right Wing Conservatives ,his right. 

He is appointing to leadership in many Departments of the Federal Government Right Wing Conservatives, his right. 

The Right Wing has an agenda Change or destroy our social safety Network. 

I believe #Trump will have little impact on this . 

He is making himself irrelevant by his powerful appointment to responsibilities he barely understands. 

Policy debate and legislative countering political action is my priority. 

As an individual unelected unappointed my impact is only as one person one vote one voice. Which I will do. What will you do? 

I suggest we educate, recruit,organize, and advocate. Advocate by showing up, standing up, speaking up and acting up by legal political action with a touch of American Civil disobedience. 

I begin with educating myself on our social safety net , #healthcare,#medicare, #medicaid and #socialsecurity , focusing on the change good and bad advocated today to this precious system.

What will you do? @terrybankert

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