In Divorce lose the assets you hide. 

Did you know that any assets and/or property which was concealed, which value was misrepresented, or which is the subject of a fraudulent representation by one party, shall be awarded to the opposing party who was misled by such concealment or misrepresentation. 

For more information contact Terry Bankert. 234-19777

In the event that one of the parties has not disclosed all of the assets and debts of the marriage, or he or she has deliberately understated the value of assets or overstated the amount due on debts then, in that event, and under the authority of Sands v Sands, 192 Mich App 698; 482 NW2d 203 (1992), aff’d 442 Mich 30; 497 NW2d 493 (1993), the undisclosed asset, or that part of the undisclosed asset shall be awarded in its entirety to the party who was unaware of the asset or the interest in that asset and, if this Court finds that the true amount owed on debt was not disclosed in its entirety, then the understated amount of the debt shall be paid by the party who failed to disclose the true amount owed on the debt to the party who assumed the debt under this Judgment, or until further Order of this Court. @terrybankert

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