Red State approves Medicaid expansion.

Louisiana. Approves Medicaid expansion while divided on Affirdable Care Act. See http://www.brproud. This speaks  volume about grass roots activists advocating aggressively for continuation of Michigans Medicaid expansion in Congress and Michigan legislature and governor. 

“In Louisiana “About three fourths of residents (72 percent) approve of expansion. Approval of the move extends across a number of demographic and political groups. Democrats (91 percent) and independents (73 percent) approve of Medicaid expansion. While Republicans are less enthusiastic about the policy, they lean toward approval (51 percent approval versus 45 percent disapproval).

Overall, just 42 percent of state residents have a favorable opinion of the ACA. About half of the state’s adult population (51 percent) have an unfavorable opinion of the federal health care law. There are large cleavages by race, household income and partisanship. Indeed, 76 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of the law, while 80 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion.” Make your voice loud. @terrybankert .

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