My thoughts on the Water Town Hall Flint Event

#Flint-From the US Presidency to the trustee of the smallest village American Politics is molded by a culture of incivility. 

Flint is political incivilities poster child .
But , What is the difference between recent disruptions of congressional town halls and the recent Flint Mayor’s Water townhall disruptions. 
Both were public events of a free people exercising freedom of speech and assembly demanding governmental accountability. 

Protest is an accepted political process to affect public opinion and public policy. 
The congressional townhalls were in public space with minimal police presence. 

There the public’s right to protest was recognized.
The Flint Mayor’s townhall was in a church sanctuary with massive police presence. 

Church rules were enforced by a heavily armed large police force. 
Given the issues , place and people what else could have been expected? Protesters arrested in a church!

With the admitted poisoning of our city by government ,the resulting distrust , the known actors , the heavy over armed police force present in a church, combined the constraints on the Community emotions by placing the event in a church sanctuary and the tone of the chief when the meeting began what could have been expected? 

Exactly what happened. 
The event gave Necessary information it positively shared needed facts  with the community. Good flint People were there to learn . Sadly the event will be remembered by the rough arrests. 
The individual police officers did their job professionally. Thank You. 

Thank You to the panel you did your job. 
My personal apology to the the church for the disrespect to your church by the organizers and participants. @terrybankert

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