What is Custody? 

#Flint “The Child Custody Act, MCL 722.21 et Tr., exists to “promote the best interests of the child…”

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The Child Custody Act also Acts ” to provide a stable environment for children that is free of unwarranted custody changes.” Pierron v Pierron, 282 Mich App 222, 243; 765 NW2d 345 (2009), aff’d 486 Mich 81 (2010). 

Under MCL 722.27(1), a court may award physical or legal custody to one or both of a child’s parents and may award reasonable parenting time in accordance with the best interests of the child. 

Physical custody “refers to a child’s living arrangements” while legal custody addresses the decision-making authority of the parents regarding important decisions affecting the welfare of the child. Lieberman v Orr, ___ Mich App ___; ___ NW2d ___ (2017) (Docket No. 333816); slip op at 6. 

“Caselaw frequently uses ‘sole custody’ and ‘primary physical custody’ to distinguish an award of custody to one parent from an award of joint physical custody.” Id. at ___; slip op at 6.” (See e-journal 65029 4/18/17) @terrybankert

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