Flint! How harmed are we!

#Flint, how harmed are we individually by the lead contamination of our water supply? We do not know! 

What steps are being taken to provide for individual testing to determine our lead metrics?None that I could find. 
To determine our individual lead metrics is intrusive , expensive, and not the current local public policy.
I was told very smart committed people have been meeting on our lead poisioned water. Their paradigm is to “ assume every Flint resident who has consumed the lead poisioned water had been harmed in the worst way. “ 
Competition for Federal , State ,foundation and private resources is maximized by this policy position. 
Non profits and public agencies Federal to state to local are organizing on this broad general assumption . Millions of dollars are coming to Flint. 
What are we going to tell a young Flint mother about lead poisioning? 

She wants to know if her children have been individually harmed and to what degree. 

She wants to know! 

She demands to know!!

Everyone involved in helping Flint Citizens are working as hard as they can. But why this described policy decision? Every child in all ways. Not your child in this way. 
I was born here lived most of my life here active in the community. My fellow Flint Citizens are numb, distrusting and want to know if their children have been individually harmed. 
Where are the scientist, toxicology experts and institutions developing the technology to tell us how bad we have been harmed.
We do not see them here studying us. We are a show me city. 
Why is individual testing not a priority?
If greater efforts were made to identify individuals with various levels of lead present this would create a subgroup for individual testing of body effects. 

This rather than waiting years for the harm to manifest. 

Now citizen participation numbers are down. Why! I argue the worst harmed and for children their parents would be motivated to participate  with specific individual data. 

Medicaid authorization for testing is a policy question

I question the science at the foundation of our ongoing policy. 
Policy driven without rigorous scientific testing down to the individual level is just a political position and we have had enough of those in this town.
Flint asks how harmed are our children, seniors and ourselves individually by the lead and other toxins in our water !


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