#Flint- If the mayoral recall petitions are turned in to the Flint City Clerk in early August 2017 and have the required valid 5,000 plus signatures there will be a Mayoral  accountability election on the Flint General election ballot in November 2017.

This post by Flint Attorney Terry Bankert 235-1970, http://www.SelectBankert.Com

In previous years the ballot would read yes or no to recall Mayor Weaver. That is not the case this year.

On the ballot will be the name of Mayor Karen Weaver Incumbent if she chooses. Additionally any  qualified registered to vote Flint Citizens by petition or  filing fee of $100 will have their  name on the ballot running against Mayor Weaver.

The election for Mayor of Flint 2017 will  not be about the issues that motivated the recall The election  will be about the personalities that have chosen to run.

Since you can not run for two offices on the same ballot Flint city council candidates, to include incumbents , will have to make a choice to withdraw from the council race to run for Mayor. What chaos will Flint politics become just when we have thought it could not get any worse.

Imagine a possible ballot with the current Mayor a couple council people, a couple known community figures possible partisan office holders and 50 other people. What a mess .

The advantage goes to the incumbent mayor or another high name recognition  politician  not the grass roots, possibly inaccurate description, that is circulating the petition.

For more information about this issue or Divorce and Family law contact http://www.SelectBankert.com @terrybankert 810-235-1970

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