#Flint “Proposed 2017 Flint City Charter Overview
The proposal to adopt the new 2017 Flint City Charter will be on the August 8, 2017 ballot
.” The sourced material is from the City Web site. 

If you are a Flint Citizen please read the documents on line. Educate yourself, determine your position on the New Charter question on the 8/8/17 Flint Ballot. Advocate your position on line. I suggest you vote yes on the New Flint City Charter. 

“Charter Background
 Nine Commissioners elected in May 2015 to review and revise the charter
 Eight community meetings were held on charter topics and 12 advisory committee meetings
 Proposed 2017 charter available to the public along with a summary of major changes


“One Yes or No question on adopting the charter Goals with changes to charter
 .”

“Increase Government Accountability and Transparency
 Greater Public Involvement in City Government
. ”
“A More Effective City Government

Things that don’t change

Form of government – strong mayor
 Nine Council members elected by ward
Things that change

There are about 20 other significant changes …”

“Stronger ethics and improved charter enforcement

“Restricts unethical actions and actions where conflict of interest exists

“Provisions for citizens to enforce the charter and for Ombudsperson to enforce charter

“Eliminate raiding of the water and sewer fund

“Bars transferring, encumbering, or borrowing restricted funds for other purposes

“Requires greater accounting specificity for public utilities to prevent inappropriate allocation of funds

 “Empower and strengthen Office of Ombudsperson

“The Office of Ombudsperson will enforce the charter, enforce ethics requirements, investigate complaints, and conduct performance audits

“The Ethics and Accountability Board will appoint the Ombudsperson, providing political insulation and support to the Office

“The Office of Ombudsman will be provided a minimum level of $250,000 in annual funding of the City’s general fund

“Ensuring Qualified Appointees
o Creating minimum qualifications for Department Heads by ordinance

“Improved Access to Information for the Public & City Council
Community members can sign up to receive public notices and press releases through email Quarterly departmental reports to City Council” (source Flint Charter Commission)


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