DAD BY DEFAULT.THIS BABY IS NOT MINE? To find out what to do call (810) 235-1970

#FATHERS Under Michigan Laws Men may not be the Father,but  still owe child support! If the baby is not yours that a court  has said is there is remedy to get justice. 

Recently three men from Detroit walked from Detroit to Lansing to get Lawmakers attention. 6/15/17

“Under the RPA, a court may determine a child’s paternity and set aside acknowledgments, determinations, and judgments relating to paternity. See MCL 722.1443(2). An action under the act may be filed as an original action in the circuit court where either the mother or the child resides or, if neither is in the state, where the child was born. If, however, there is an existing action for support, custody, or parenting time of the child, or an existing action under MCL 712A.2, a claim under the act must be brought by motion in the existing action. MCL 722.1443(1).
A party seeking to set aside a presumed father’s paternity must generally do so within three years after the child’s birth. MCL 722.1441. ”


“A complaint or motion contesting an order of filiation or acknowledgment of parentage must be filed within the later of three years after the child’s birth or one year after the date of the order or the date the acknowledgment of parentage was signed. MCL 722.1437(1), .1439. These time limits do not apply to actions filed on or before June 12, 2013. MCL 722.1437(1), .1439, .1441. Moreover, common-law actions to determine paternity that were available before the act’s effective date “remain[] available until June 12, 2014, but [are] not available after June 12, 2014.” MCL 722.1443(10).
The court may, on request, extend the time for filing an action or motion under the act. MCL 722.1443(12).
A request for extension shall be supported by an affidavit signed by the person requesting the extension stating facts that the person satisfied all the requirements for filing an action or motion under this act but did not file the action or motion within the time allowed under this act because of 1 of the following:
(a) Mistake of fact.
(b) Newly discovered evidence that by due diligence could not have been found earlier.
(c) Fraud.
(d) Misrepresentation or misconduct.
(e) Duress.
Id.” (see Michigan Family Law Bench Book)

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