Wife Vitro Fertilization does not make current husband the father in this case!

Does the Revocation of Paternity Act always apply to a child born by Vitro Fertilization while the mother is married. No. 
Here the court held paternity is usually presumed the husband is the the father of a child conceived or born during the marriage , but not in the circumstances of this case. Michigan Court of Appeals Opinion Published 06/22/17 no. 33937 Jones v Jones e-journal #65478.
Summary by Flint Divorce Attorney Terry Bankert 810-235-1070 http://www.attorneybankert.com

Not verbatim.
The court found that the husband made no genetic contribution to the child.The Court determined the child was born out of wedlock for all the reasons stated. 

The husband had revoked his consent to IVF.

Husband was not aware of the wife’s attempts at IVF. If husband knew of these attempts The outcome may have been different.

The parties had been separated for several years.

The parties had entered into a settlement agreement that husband was not the father. This was not controlling but was substantial evidence. 

A best interest analysis favored approval of the settlement. There was no bond between the husband and the child nor one expected to materialize. 


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