Recall/Receipt for filer of Petitions to Recall Flint Mayor Weaver. 

Filed 06/30/2017 Receipt for filer of Recall Petitions of Flint Mi. Mayor Karen Weaver. 

This was the easy part for filer Arthur Woodson. 

The role of the County Clerk is the procedure of receiving the 780 petition sheets within a deadline for review. 

The Petitions then go to the Flint City Clerk to validate the voter signatures . 

If the City Clerk decides a statutory number is met of the 8,848 signatures submitted  an election will be scheduled. It could be November or another date.

 Mayor Weaver will have the right to legally challenge all steps in this process. Delay then may be caused by all parties exercising their legal rights .

If there  is a recall it may be later at a special election in May with a predictably lower turnout than the ballot packed November election. 

The Mayors team will have to decide which election date will work best for them as they contemplate a legal challenge to the City Clerk certifing the needed signatures to place the question of recall on the ballot. 

Unique to this process is that certification of these pertitions  does not cause an election ballot question yes or no should the Mayor be recalled.

Once the petitions are certified an election will be scheduled where the Mayor is listed as incumbent running against an unlimited number of opponents. 

Potential  opponents will have to meet the Charter requirements to run and submit nominating petitions or pay a $100 filing fee. 

Voters will have a limited time to Sort out the choices and make a decision. 

Chaos, and mean spirited behavior might be the hallmark of that campaign. 

Changing A Mayor midterm is not to be done casually . 

Many important issues are in play with no time to wait. Handing the Mayorial reigns of the city to a radicalized neophyte would be a disaster. 

Here I take no position other that to say   Expierenced  seasoned leaders who are disposed to supporting the recall of Mayor Weaver  must put their name out there and compete for the position of Mayor as strongly as Mayor Weaver will compete to hold her seat. 


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