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How are spousal support decisions made in divorce?

“In Loutts v Loutts, 298 Mich App 21, 32; 826 NW2d 152 (2012), [The] Court held that “[t]he primary purpose of spousal support is to balance the parties’ incomes and needs so that neither party will be impoverished, and spousal support must be based on what is just and reasonable considering the circumstances of the […]

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How Matital Property is divided in Divorce.

In “Byington v Byington, 224 Mich App 103, 114-115; 568 NW2d 141 (1997) (citation omitted), [The Court] held that in a property division upon divorce, “[e]ach spouse need not receive a mathematically equal share, but significant departures from congruence must be explained clearly by the court.”  Presented here by Flint Divorce Attorney Terry Bankert 810- […]

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#Flint . I am amazed that after the disasters of Stanley, Collier, Williamson, Walling , Emergency Financial Managers RTAB, Snyders meddling and now Weaver some question Councilperson Scott Kincaid. The citizen official who has weathered these storms and prevailed as the informed voice of reason.  His survival empowers him with knowledge and acceptance in all […]

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