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It is a new day. A political Sunrise.

“5 Lessons from Black Panther That Can Save Our Lives — and Transform Black Politics ” (A)and others. The priority of breaking down barriers by its success is over . “Between the races “allyship” is an empty, neoliberal concept that now rarely results in transformational change. Equally empowered groups are not interested in “allies” — instead, their is a call […]

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#Flint. Consider reading this issue of the East Village Magazine March 2018 Editor Worth-Nelson. “Commentary Time to Jump-Start the New City Charter? “By Paul Rozycki. Ask yourself how can you be silent when a law , City Charter, which is designed to give Citizens the tools rebuild our trust in government is being diminished by […]

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My Flint Town

Voter disenfranchisement in Flint. That’s you and me Flint Citizens. We worked hard to get a New Flint City Charter . Now our Mayor and Council are not implementing sections that would challenge their power.. The Principal but not only section is the seating of an Ethics and Accountability Board. See 11/4/14 Election where […]

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