Charter and Flint City Charter


I attended the 4/9/18 Flint City Council Meeting.

25 Of us spoke mostly on the Flint Water Crisis combined With the Flint City Charter requirement of the appointment of an Ethics and Accountability Board and that Boards appointment of an Ombudsman.

The Council was enthusiastic in expressing its commitment to continue to be in compliance with our current charter.

The process of these appointments is under way.

Each Council Person under charter nominated one Ward resident.

Statements of this commitment were made directly to the audience by each council person present : 1st Ward Eric Mays, 2nd Ward Maurice Davis, 4th Ward Kate Fields, 5th Ward Jerri Winfrey-Carter, 6th Ward Council President Herbert Winfrey, 8th Ward Allan Griggs.

Previously this same commitment was expressed by all the council persons not present 4/9/18: 3rd Ward Santino Gurrrrs, 7th Ward Monica Galloway and 9th Ward Eva Worthing.

We presume the Mayor of Flint with her 2 nominees not yet made public has the same commitment.

We look forward to the public nomination of 11 City Residents to sit on this board.

This necessarily by charter requires a public hearing as the final step in the appointment process.

Announced at the meeting was that placed in pending two year budget a line item to fund the ethics and accountability board.

Also discussed was a possibly ad hoc council committee review the issue of job descriptions for the ethics and accountability Board.

Thank You Flint City Council.



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