No Free Bottled Water for Flint

#Flint. The recent poisoned history of Flint Mi Water is known.

It now is a given that physical harm to Flints 100,000 Citizens ranges from nothing to life altering brain damage.

We do not know comprehensively who is harmed and to what degree.

It is a fact that there are still hot spots and our infrastructure has been compromised from the water plant to the kitchen faucet.

Renewed Poisioning can and will occur by the partials trapped within this system.

Testing only accounts for lead lose and floating in the system.

The immediately present dangerous lead contamination is not universally in our water ,not in our blood systems it is in our organs including our brains.

It is nothing more than political spin for any Flint Citizens elected officials City,State and Federal to proclaim shock the our free bottled water has stopped.

It is irresponsible for these elected officials to protest with out a Plan in place.

To those in control of the Agencies providing the millions of dollars in direct service how have your plans changed.

Last week we did not trust government because of the water crisis. Today we trust it less.

To Flints Elected Leaders City, State and Federal what is the plan beyond the nashing of teeth and wringing of hands.

You elected officials should have a Public well thought out plan because Flints 100,000 citizens without real leadership will develop their own, protest and self help.

You might not like it.

@ terrybankert former Flint Ombudsman. 4/12/18

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