Flint Water harm continues.

#Michigan The Governmental harm to the victims of Flint was multifaceted.

1. Flint suffered lead released in our water by decision making approaching criminal intent or gross negligence .

2. Flint continues to suffer lead impacted water infrastructure with future mobility and harm.

3. Flint suffered testable damaging levels of lead in our blood system for a 30 day window.

4. Flint suffers permanent lead damaged organs including the brain. Historical continuing testing shows elevating registered of harm among preschoolers and adolescents. Citizens have been permanently harmed especially children.

5. Elite manipulators by water bond protection and unconscionable contracts have saved themselves causing Flints economic peril.

Flint Citizens have been harmed many ways at least 5.

Two ways mentioned above are resolved in 1. test below 15. 2. With the 30 days window for organ absorption appreciable levels do not show in the blood but remains in the organ where direct testing has not been funded.

Therefore the lead ingestion governmental caused crisis has not been resolved. Only future new harm has been minimized.

Our governmentally caused lead ingestion crisis continues. @terrybankert

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