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Why no individual testing of lead in the body in Flint?

Flint-I suggest the creation of a communication network Of voices focusing on specifically harmed parents advocating for testing of lead in their families bodies.  What is The feasibility? What are the resources available and resources needed? Why is there a lack of emphasis on individual testing of lead in our children’s bodies ?  The policy […]

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Flint! How harmed are we!

#Flint, how harmed are we individually by the lead contamination of our water supply? We do not know!  Why? What steps are being taken to provide for individual testing to determine our lead metrics?None that I could find.  Why? To determine our individual lead metrics is intrusive , expensive, and not the current local public […]

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What is Custody? 

#Flint “The Child Custody Act, MCL 722.21 et Tr., exists to “promote the best interests of the child…” For more information contact Flint Area Divorce  Attorney Terry Bankert 810-235-1970 , The Child Custody Act also Acts ” to provide a stable environment for children that is free of unwarranted custody changes.” Pierron v Pierron, 282 […]

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Medicaid dollars , Workshop May 13 in Flint. 

Did you know “– Five weeks after the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services issued a report calling on physical and behavioral health Medicaid dollars to be managed separately, a state Senate panel has given DHHS a goal of fully integrating the funds by 2020.  The proposal, part of the 2018 budget, was loudly […]

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My thoughts on the Water Town Hall Flint Event

#Flint-From the US Presidency to the trustee of the smallest village American Politics is molded by a culture of incivility.  Flint is political incivilities poster child . But , What is the difference between recent disruptions of congressional town halls and the recent Flint Mayor’s Water townhall disruptions.  Both were public events of a free […]

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Changing Child Custody in Flint.

Changing child custody has high standards and is difficult but can be done. Following is part of the law.  “MCL 722.27(1)(c) provides that if a child custody dispute has arisen from another action in the circuit court, the court may ‘[m]odify or amend its previous judgments or orders for proper cause shown or because of […]

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Flint Water Hearing results in victim arrests. 

Five people arrested at Flint Mayor Karen Williams Weaver Town Hall in Flint at a church.4/20/17 @terrybankert

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Budgets will be balanced on the backs of Medicaid reciepients.Let your voice beheard. 

The Republicans from the President, Congress, the State Legislature and The Michigan Governor will balance their budgets on the backs of Medicaid Consumers. Educate yourselff and let your voice be heard.  Contact me if you wish to joint one part of the resistance. Terry Bankert Flint divorce attorney 235-1970 Sponsored by NAMI A Medicaid […]

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Consider alimony/spousal support

Did you know the primary purpose of #spousalsupport , also known as #alimony, is to balance the incomes and needs of the parties in a way that will not impoverish either party on the basis of what is just and reasonable under the circumstances of the case. Myland v Myland, 290 Mich App 691, 695; […]

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In Divorce lose the assets you hide. 

Did you know that any assets and/or property which was concealed, which value was misrepresented, or which is the subject of a fraudulent representation by one party, shall be awarded to the opposing party who was misled by such concealment or misrepresentation.  For more information contact Terry Bankert. 234-19777 In the event that one […]

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